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Top 5 Landing Page Design Tips

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Top 5 Landing Page Design Tips

Effective landing page design has the power to boost conversions. Internet marketers can create powerful landing page designs by offering useful, relevant content with a strong call to action. The following are five tips for enhancing your landing page design

1- Optimize the layout and design

A proper landing page design must be easy to read and scan. Online readers typically start at the top left of the page and follow a diagonal line to the bottom right of the web page. Consider positioning your company’s logo and main message in these areas, making them easily digestible to readers. It’s also important to match the look and feel of the website with appropriate colors.

Another important factor to consider when designing the landing page is making it mobile-friendly. This means shortening text, images and other content and placing them in the center of the mobile page.

2- Good Call to Action

A strong call to action is slogan that asks prospects to do something, such as “Buy now,” or “sign up today.” A call to action must be incorporated within an ad unit and should be focused on the content on the landing page. Make sure to be open and honest about pricing and information, so that customers will not leave your page. A strong call to action also features a button to seal the conversion.

3- Using Targeted Keywords in your Copy

A landing page should feature keyword-rich content that is relevant and useful. Quality content with proper keywords provides your audience with a positive user experience; it’s also something that search engines such as Google look for.

Your landing page should also feature a consistent message. Match the content within the display or search ads to the content on your landing pages.

4- Using Relevant Images & Videos

In addition to quality content, videos and images can help to create powerful landing pages. However, it is important use high-quality production standards in your images. This holds true whether you’re using a how-to video or product image.

5- A-B Testing & Conversion Tracking

The only way to determine the usefulness of a landing page is by testing it through a technique called A-B testing and conversion tracking. It is important to examine the projects that work and those that don’t. You can use various tools to testing landing pages, or hire a professional company to do the leg work for you.

Article Submitted by Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express. Submit Express offers quality landing page design and optimization services, including A-B testing and conversion tracking services.

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