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Technology for your business

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Technology for your business

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Rapidly changing technology requires business owners to be aware of cutting edge technology and incorporate those make business sense. Golden old days, creating a Yellow Page advertisement were enough to get in front of the competition. Today much more sophistication is required to capture more techno savvy customer. Today’s customers are using a smartphone and a tablet and do most of their online shopping on these gadgets. Here are two things to consider.

Create an app for your business. There are many kinds of apps; mobile apps, Google apps, App Store, Mac app store and many others. Mobile apps are application software designed to run on mobile phones and tablets. You can create an app for your business from an application distribution provider such as Apple App Store. Customers will purchase your app from the distributer for free or for a fee.

Create a QR (Quick Response) Code. It is a series of black squares arranged within a square when scanned from a devise such as a smart phone takes the person to a specific Web site. Originally created for auto industry, the QR Code is now widely used by millions of businesses. It is a quick way to take a customer to a specific Web page.

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