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iPhone vs Android: Pros & Cons

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iPhone vs Android: Pros & Cons

It may be difficult to choose between the two main players in mobile. They’ve both been around for years and offer some fantastic options in SmartPhones. It all depends on what features and specs are most important to you.

Apple and Google both have amazing app stores. Android seems to be superior at organizing their apps. Also, Android’s widgets are more useful than Apple’s. There are a few other differences. Below is what you need to know to make the right decision.

Ease of Use

People have traditionally chosen Apple products because they work so well. There’s no arguing about their ease of use.


iPhones have continuously been a little more expensive that Android devices. However, that has changed a lot recently. The Samsung phones are exciting and offer some innovative features that people love. But they come at a high price.

Open vs Closed Systems

Android is more open with alternative applications and users love this feature. iPhone is pretty strict about what you can and cannot put on their phone. Apple has always erred on the side of being proprietary about their technology.


iPhone is fairly sure that its technology cannot be hacked. They take pride in offering the latest security updates for their products. But Android has learned a lot from past mistakes and they’re now saying that only 0.16% of their products have malware.

Battery Life

Samsung and Motorola phones normally have great battery life for their products. Some of the older iPhones suffered with short battery lives, but the newest products boast over 8 hours of battery life.


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