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Switch to using a CDN for your blog

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littleartiststudio1Page load speed has become more important recently due to Google now using it as a ranking signal. Google believes that faster loading sites should be rewarded and as such indicated that there will be an SEO boost for faster sites. There is however only so much that can be done on the website itself to speed up page loads. There is where using a CDN comes in.

A CDN, is a content delivery network which has servers placed in multiple geographic locations. Certain elements of a website are then placed on each of these. This way visitors to a website can be served the content from the closest node of that network.

There are two ways to using a CDN to speed up a website or blog. The first is to use a service like Cloudflare. This is also the easiest. All the webmaster needs to do is point the domain names records to Cloudflare servers and they take care of the rest. Cloudflare will then send cached copies of the website directly to visitors from its network.

The other more effective method is to use a CDN service like Akamai, Azure or Amazon AWS. These are more complicated to setup and require some changes to how backend operations are done on the blog, but are more effective for larger sites.

Regardless of which one you choose to go with, you will definitely see a page load speed improvement. This will lead to a better user experience for your visitors and has the bonus benefit of helping search engine rankings.

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