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Simple Web Design Tips

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Minimal design has come a long way in the last years. It started as a trend among a few individuals and it went on to conquer everyone on the Internet. Maybe it’s only a trend, maybe it’s here to stay. All we know is, it’s working great for conversions. But there are a lot of things to appreciate about minimalist web design. Let’s take a look at what it really consists of.

Little to no decoration

Forget the fancy background and the border patterns. Minimalist design means simple shapes and, in comparison, hard edges. This does not mean that the website will look bland. The following elements explain how this is achieved

White space

White space makes a website look more airy. It also provides a sense of lightness and cleanliness. This is one of the most prominent elements of minimalist design. However, overdoing this results in a clunky looking site. So, the right balance has to be found.

Subtle colors

Minimalist websites often use subtle colors. Paler shades and grey are very popular choices. The idea is to make the colors less obtrusive. Since colors is also a matter of taste, some websites have manage to pull of a perfectly minimalist design with bold colors.

Modern fonts

Since minimalist design doesn’t work well with decorations, eye candy has to come from somewhere else. A lot of websites use very detailed fonts. This makes the website stand out among the minimalist website crowd. Perfect font matching is a great way to uplift a minimalist design.

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