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Protecting your children on the Internet

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The Internet has revolutionized the way we learn and share information. It is great for your children’s homework, research and many others. Before they learn to read and write, they know how to use a touch screen whether it a smartphone, tablet or any other device. They are good at playing games on their Internet capable devices more than ever before. Keeping kids safe from predators while surfing on the Internet is a great concern for parents.

Comments made on social media could spell disaster for a child and the whole family. Stories about school age kids been bullied by colleagues are abundant on the Internet. Threatening content is easy to find on the Internet. An innocent comment among friends on Facebook could bring disaster for the whole family. There are many reasons for adults and parents to use certain software to create safer Internet experience for children.

Parents can use software to block online time beyond certain time periods and block unwanted and harmful sites including adult sites. Use standard user account for children so that parents can access and control child’s Internet activity. Microsoft Windows has built-in parent control that gives the ability to control Internet time, games they can play and many others.

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