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Profile of Ted Dhanik of engage: BDR

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Ted Dhanik is president of engage: BDR, a top-tier online media company in West Hollywood, CA, offering advertisers advanced marketing solutions. He co-founded the firm in 2007 and also serves as the company’s vice president of business development. His responsibilities include overseeing strategic marketing, sales and business development, content acquisition, and client relationship management.

Prior to launching his startup, Dhanik developed most of the popular strategic marketing initiatives at, where he launched the company in all major markets through the development of an integrated on- and offline marketing strategy. From 2003 to 2008, Dhanik worked closely with MySpace founders Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson, developing, producing, and gathering content and promotion strategies. He was the mind behind several MySpace brands, including the MySpace Celebrity concept. Dhanik also created and scaled in-house advertising performance methodologies to retain customers and build awareness.

From 2001 to 2005, Dhanik led business development at He was responsible for developing and launching the firm’s home equity product. After successfully launching the product, he and his team saw the product gross more than $20 million in the first year, and $75 million the second year. Also at LMB, Dhanik was responsible for scaling the firm’s poorest performing product, taking it from $2 million a year to more than $50 million in the first year alone.

Dhanik also worked in business development at (2000-2001) and Xoriant Corporation (1999-2000). Prior to business development and strategic marketing, he worked in the sales department at Atesto Technologies (1998-1999) and (1997-1998).

Dhanik graduated from California State University at Hayward, with a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and Marketing.

About engage: BDR: engage: BDR provides cutting-edge marketing solutions, advance technology and custom programming by combining display, video, and branded entertainment into a single network. See the following articles for the latest information about Ted Dhanik.

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