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One Key Web Hosting Tip for Local Businesses

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One Key Web Hosting Tip for Local Businesses

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How fast are your server’s signals when they travel to your intended audience? Are you doing everything you can to reach the demographics that will patronize your business? Choosing the right web host can help local businesses reach the audience that matters most: potential customers in the immediate area.

Local SEO is a must for any business that is not a large franchise with locations all over the country. Spending time and resources trying to reach the whole country is wasteful if local customers are your primary targets. Since website loading speed is a known factor that affects search engine rankings, it’s important to find a web host who can store your servers in an area close to your target audience. If your servers are located in another country, it will take much longer for your website’s data to reach local users.

In light of this, targeting local keywords is not the only technique for raising your search engine rankings and reaching local audiences. You should also find a reliable, efficient, and affordable web host located close to your business’s location. For example, Electric Kitten has been a reliable provider of webhosting in Los Angeles for almost two decades. Located in the famous One Wilshire Building, their variety of affordable, versatile web hosting options and their 99.9% uptime guarantee have allowed them to aid businesses in the Southern California area.

If you need a good local host in Southern California, contact Electric Kitten today at 877-821-HOST or by email at


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