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New inexpensive apps for businesses

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New inexpensive apps for businesses

It is highly anticipated that Google is getting ready to release another installment of its Chrome Operating System (OS) for personal as well as business users. In this new version of Chrome OS Google is teaming up with Dell for a new Chromebook.

Chrome OS is based on Linux kernel and designed by Google to work with Web and installed applications. From an initial solely Web OS it gradually turned to produce packaged applications thanks to its vast number of independent developers. Originally it intended exclusively for business use and in 2011 with the introduction of Chromebooks from Samsung, Google made it available for personal use too.

Newly unveiled improvements for businesses, companies can run their legacy software applications. This means that a company using Microsoft’s Windows OS now can easily move into Chrome OS. Combined with Google’s earlier steps to store documents and spreadsheets on clouds, companies now can relax with Chrome OS. Many companies use customized applications known as virtualized computing systems that are managed inside. New Chrome OS make them easier to transfer and store on clouds. Those who are not willing to store data on clouds due to cost associated with storage, now can use Chrome OS safely and store data locally too.

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