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Must have flash

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Flash was created in 1996 and at the time it was known as FutureSplash. At the beginning it was a simple tool for content development containing a basic layout, drawing tool, precursor and timeline. Today it is known as Adobe Flash and it is a multimedia and software platform to create graphics, animation, games and rich Internet applications. It is prevalent in ever popularizing streaming videos and audio players.

Flash can animate text, drawings and even still images. That is done with an object oriented language known as ActionScript. Most popular tool to create flash content is Adobe Flash Professional. Adobe Flash Player allows Flash content to be accessible through various operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux, free of charge. Ever more popular smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices use Flash Lite. According to Adobe, 99 percent of desktops come with Flash Player already installed. Adobe released its Adobe Flash Player version 11 in October 2011 in 64-bit and 32-bit. Mobile operating systems including Android, Pocket PC/Windows CE, QNX (for BlackBerry), Symbian, Palm OS and webOS was introduced in 2009 and today many mobile systems use Adobe Air. Adobe discontinued many mobile Flash supports and today many mobile devices can support Flash through variety of other ways.

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