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Logo design basics

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littleariststudioThe goal of an amazing logo is to evoke the sense and identity of a brand when you look at it. When someone sees a good logo, the target is for them to instantly call the brand to mind. Designing a good logo takes time and practice, however the five rules below will help with the basics:


The first and most important step is to sketch out the basis for your logo. It gives you a better look at the final product. Skipping this step can compromise the quality and finish of the final logo. The sketch can be as simple a pencil drawing.


A good logo has balance. Human minds automatically find balanced images to be pleasing. This is achieved by balancing the weight of the type and colors on both sides.


A logo needs to look good at small sizes. There are some logos that lose all detail and meaning when reduced to letterhead printing. Some companies even have different logos for different sizes. A good logo needs to look good at all sizes regardless of the medium.


Getting the colors right on a logo is a complex task. Some designers have a natural ability to pair the right colors. In some cases you will only have single corporate color to work with or to complement. There are some basic rules when working with color which should be followed.


If the logo includes some text then typography comes into play. This is one of the most important parts of a logo. You will need to balance weight, with size, distance to get the right feel and balance.

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