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Data storage in clouds to set new records

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Cisco is experiencing a rapid increase in cloud based networking traffic. They predict that volumes for cloud server workloads will triple to 7.7 zettabytes by 2017. A zettabyte is equal to a billion terabytes. That will be equivalent of 107 trillion hours of streaming music, 19 trillion hours of business Web conferencing and eight trillion hours of online high-definition video streaming.

According to industry experts and Cisco, most of the demand for cloud data storage will come from end users, video streaming, collaboration work and connected devices. Some part of that data traffic will come from triplication of data and temporary storage for system upgrades. Most of this traffic will be generated by personal, business and entertainment content. Cloud traffic alone will account for more than two-thirds of data center traffic in the future and the North America will be responsible for much of that traffic. Much of the server and data center traffic will transition to clouds and will stay there. All of this will amounts to an $8.9 trillion market by 2020. No wonder why everyone trying to get into cloud computing. It will be the most cost effective and safe way to store data in the future.

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