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6 Steps to Charging What You’re Really Worth

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Most freelancers struggle to put a price on their services and in most cases end up using a model that only helps them pay the bills rather than creating a healthy, long-lasting business. Sadly, it has nothing to do with how valuable your services are.

So, here are 6 steps to charging your clients what you’re really worth, as freelancer:

#1: Think of value, not hours

There’s a big difference between churning out billable hours or delivering value to clients. Remember your value is not based on the number of hours you put in but actually stems from the number of years of experience, creativity and skills that you’ve built.

#2: Explore your clients’ current problems

Instead of focusing on your small problems, ask your client if they’re dealing with bigger ones that they can’t handle. In resolving them, your services will be far more valuable than usual.

#3: Think of Your service as an investment

If you offer your service which will help resolve a client’s problem, then they begin to look at your services as an investment and not an expense. While no one like expenditure, an investment is a different matter altogether.

#4: Don’t talk about pricing just yet

Some clients start the conversation with how much you charge. The focus is not on how you deliver but how much it costs to have your services. This gives them an opportunity to compare your prices with someone else.

#5: Give clients more than one option

Offering one package or price requires the client to either accept or deny it. Instead, offer them a menu with different options for them to pick from. You will be surprised that clients usually pick a top line package.

#6: Work only with Good Clients

Big clients aren’t the same as good clients. Clients who are a bit too particular on price don’t truly value your work. Others, on the other hand, who want to invest in themselves will not only pay you better but also refer you to other well-paying clients as well.

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