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5 Tips To Simplify Your Web Design

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Simplicity in web design is the key to achieving a lot. For one, it allows you to lay the main focus on the content and products and help to emphasize on your calls to action, whether it is to subscribe, to sign up or to conclude a sale. Sleek designs also facilitate navigation, thus improving the general user experience and driving the user to want to visit again.

Focus on the essential

Even though this might seem obvious, sites sometimes tend to start with the essential and get cluttered with time by adding more features and sometimes redundant contents. The key in obtaining is simplified web design is about really asking yourself what is truly essential and to keep the focus on it. All other aspects would not be seen by the customer.

Getting Rid of Unnecessary Elements

This goes along the same line as focusing on the essential and is the next step along the chain of simplifying a web design. Unnecessary elements can be in the form of too much social media sharing widgets or too much meta data in blog posts or the footer packed with links. The usefulness of these would have to be assessed. Sometimes these elements might just need to be repositioned rather than removed.

Reduce the number of pages

Too much pages can be seen as too much information by the user. For instance, you might want to merge the “about me” and “about site” page into a single one. Pages with only some paragraphs or lines of content might be merged with another to render a clean and uncluttered homepage.

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