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4 Tips That Will Help You Pick Healthy Plants

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When buying plants at the nursery, all of them look lush and green, and just perfect for your garden.

However, it’s a different thing when you bring them back home especially if you are unaware of how to pick healthy plants.

So, here are 4 tips that will help you pick healthy plants instead of ending up with a lousy purchase:

#1: Shape

Remember that when it comes to the shape of a plant, taller isn’t necessarily better as it might be an indicator of the plant growing thin while also making efforts to get more light. Pick up the plant if it looks full, compact and has multiple stems.

#2: Insects & Disease

Look for holes, blackened areas, mushy areas, spots or even stickiness which could be indicators of insects or disease. However, it’s imperative that you look on both sides of the leaves as well as the potting soil. Make sure that you look very closely when it comes checking for insects and disease.

#3: Root System

Don’t forget to check the root system as well. If the plant is potted and its roots are growing out of the pot itself, it is an indicator that it might be stressed and might not recover in the process as well. Alternatively, if it comes out of the pot very easily, then it must have be repotted recently and might need more time before it is placed in a garden.

#4: Foliage

Without a doubt, stay away from plants that are yellowing or wilting but look a little closer at the leaves of plants and pick the ones that are green, shiny and lush. Avoid the former since these stressed plants may or may not recover.

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