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4 Simple Tips to Improve Your Designing Skills in a Startup

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Designs startups are opening up everywhere. Yet there are mistakes that are made especially if you don’t have a design founder or have hired inexperienced designers.

Unfortunately, mistakes can really cost you as a startup. Moreover, it makes no sense to learn things the hard way especially if guidance can be taken from people who have been where you are.


Here are 4 ways by which you can build on your designs in a startup:

1: Simplify the Process

Less is more is a wonderful rule to follow. Leave out unnecessary elements on a website and keep only the things that matter. Your website should be simple to navigate which includes simple copy too. Ensure that you add a searchable logo and search apart from other elements that people are used to.

2: Use One or Two Colors

Most designers use too many colors on a website. Instead, stick to one or two colors along with neutral hues instead for text as well as other graphics elements. Come to think of it: all popular brands such as Facebook, Coca-Cola and Twitter are identified by a single color.

3: Use Two Fonts Only

Avoid using more than two fonts as this can lead to a messy and chaotic feel that can make readers suspicious. This is a common mistake that inexperienced designers make. In picking only a couple of typefaces, the design will look cleaner and far more trustworthy.

4: Improve Readability

It is vital to get the copy absolutely right since typography is 95% of web design. The reason for this is because typography is used to convey the message of the site in the best way possible. Some of the things to keep in mind are darker contrast for the text compared to the background. Also, ensure line spacing is sufficient. Apart from this, make sure your text follows a distinct hierarchy.

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