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3 Ways to Ensure Responsive Design Remains Engaging

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Responsive design is popular – there’s no doubt about it. The reason why several brands are switching over to websites with this type of design is because their content can be best viewed on any device.

So, designers should know that it is important for their websites to look good when viewed on smartphone or even on a PC.

Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to keep responsive design engaging:

#1: Excellent typography

While good typography is required for any good website, it’s almost necessary for those with responsive design. This is because with the screen size shrinking, it’s required that its elements also reduce in size or move as well. And it’s not a bad idea either to use different headings and sizes of text.

#2: Better Images

Much like typography, images should also look good when the screen size increases or decreases. Paying attention to the photographic images you use will also matter since they should have the same quality whether big or small. For that reason, pick photographs without graphical content so that they don’t get cropped out as the screens get bigger or smaller.

#3: Easy Navigation

If people have a hard time navigating on your site, then they’d prefer moving on to a site that makes it easy for them to do so. It’s harder to do so especially when you have to do this for responsive design website since most designers are still used to landscape design. Moreover, designers have to work with navigation so as to fit certain portrait dimensions. But all that’s possible if you can create a smaller menu at the top or even drop-down menu as well.

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