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3 Reasons Why You Should Share Your Decision-Making Processes

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The design industry, as a whole, is truly one that encourages growth which is evident by the conversations that people have at conferences or even online.

Despite all the information, techniques, tips and hints that are passed on to others, one element continues to remain missing from these conversations that we have – and that is the ‘why’ behind the decision-making process.

So, here are 3 Reasons why you should Share Your Decision-Making Processes:

#1: The Community Learns Better

While it is important to demonstrate the techniques we used in design when we teach the design community, it is also just as important to discuss the decision-making process as well as why we chose these techniques, giving those who wish to learn the trade a complete view of the world of design. Also, when we share the problems and solutions that came over projects that we were associated with, this will enable them to ‘walk in our shoes’.

#2: Improves the Clients-Designer Relationships

It’s not surprising when clients and designers clash over the vision they have for the project. Clients usually want things that we think compromises the effectiveness of the design. In order to prevent this situation from occurring and enabling greater understanding between the two parties, it is a great idea to share the thought process behind choosing design elements – thereby improving the client-designer relationship.

#3: Makes Your Professional Expertise Desirable

Good designers might be able to bring together elements of effective design but knowing why they were chosen and how they work with each other is really what makes this design that edge. When clients hear about the why behind the how, this only serves to highlight our professional expertise and this only makes our skills that much more desirable.

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