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Understanding RSS Feed

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Rich Site Summary (RSS) originally known as RDF Site Summary allow standard web feeds to format and publish updated content, news, blogs, audio, video and others. Simply, it is a format for delivering constantly changing web content. News related sites, web blog sites and others syndicate their content into a RSS Feed and deliver it to whoever wants it.

RSS Feed is one way for a business to constantly update content on its web site. Without visiting each web site, RSS Feed allows one to retrieve constantly evolving content without spending time. There is no personal information to be provided to get RSS Feed. At a minimum you need to have Feed Reader or News Aggregator software. There are plenty of RSS Feed services available for different platforms.

The number of sites offering RSS Feed is growing. One of the big RSS Feed is Yahoo News and its feed reader is My Yahoo. Other more popular web-based Feed Readers include Google Reader, and Bloglines. Others include Amphetadesk for Windows, Linux and Mac platforms; FeedReader for Windows; and NewsGator that integrates with Windows Outlook. You can use any of these Feed Readers to get syndicated content. Many sites indicate the availability of the service with a small symbol that may read RSS, RDF or XML.

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