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Tips to Boost Website Usability

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A successful ecommerce website is all about turning visitors into customers. There are a lot of techniques that will help to get to this ideal. Arguably, the most popular is usability. Here’s 3 concrete tips that will increase a website’s usability.

Good contrasting colors

E-commerce websites tend to be very minimalist in terms of styling. This is a very good starting point. Less elements means less distraction and a more streamlined process. However, it is important to have some colors too. Contrasting colors work great. Contrast can be used to grab the attention of the visitor. That is why the the website colors must contrast, and in some cases, even clash, with the call to actions.

Clear indications and help section

Each shop is different. This is where clear indications are important. Short, concise indications always work better than lond, descriptive ones. Tool tips are a great in that aspect. The help is basically hidden until the user hovers a question mark. This is unobtrusive and helpful at the same time. A help section is also crucial. This is the place for details, so descriptive instructions would be better suited here.

Limit third party ads

While third party ads is a great revenue source, they do present a distraction. The choice is often hard to make, but conversion rates are definitely better on websites that are minimalist. This is because the user is not present with a lot of choices. Having a buy button and nothing else is a great way to increase conversion.

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