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The importance of reliability in web hosting

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The importance of reliability in web hosting

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Visit any web host and every single one will show varying levels of uptime guarantees and although it might be true, it doesn’t represent the entire picture when we talk about reliability. Let’s look at what represents reliability in web hosting and how it affects you.

When web hosting companies talk about uptime, they refer to how the number of minutes you can expect your site to go down for unplanned issues. This does not cover when there are planned operations like served migration, upgrades, or even hardware upgrades they announce in advance. Also, many hosts do not undertake automatic backups unless you pay for the service. They also do not offer unlimited daily bandwidth. Any of these can affect the reliability of your website or service. Look at all angles and what can affect you.

The biggest peril of a site that goes down without an automatic backup to roll back to, or when it hits a bandwidth limit is the loss of visitors. Regular visitors might try to load the site again or come back later, but when new traffic comes through a link, that is your only moment to get them onto the site and keep them there.

Traffic acquisition is not easy, and there are so many variables that affect that first experience people have with your website that if it doesn’t load, loads slowly, or even worse has a message saying to contact the admin, you might not see that visitor again. Look at all the angles of hosting reliability and make sure you choose the right host.

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