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Overcoming the language barrier

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China and India are two leading countries when it comes to adding new Web users. India added more than 100 million people to the Web within last two years bringing its current total Web users to more than 302 million. More than China, India has a bigger problem when it comes to the Web. Web developers are finding it difficult to serve the diverse nation of India. The most common language in India is Hindi and the prevalent language in Southern India is Tamil. But many other dialects are used in many other parts of the country. Unfortunately many Web products are available only in English and this is a much bigger problem for non-English users. India is expected to have more than 500 million Internet users in the near future and more than 300 million will be non-English users. This is a big hurdle in India for the expansion of the Web.

Online behemoths such as Google are taking note of the problem and developing measures to improve Web services. Google signed contracts with several Indian companies to develop non-English content in India recently. Google is also taking their effort one step further and making more programs available in other languages for smartphone users.

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