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Must watch Web design trends for 2014

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Many trends that were popular in 2013 are expected to continue in 2014. Their novelty has not diminished and continues to dominate in Web designs. Here are few of those trends that will make headlines in 2014.

Web sites designed expressly for mobile use will continue: 2013 was a big year for smartphones and tablets dwarfing PC sales. They will continue to dominate in 2014. That will provide a challenge for designers to come up with designs for smaller screens. They are known as Responsive Web Design. Those who are providing endless scrolling, logins, social media integration, e-mail subscriptions, and many other features will succeed.

Flat UL: Windows 8 was very influential in flat design in 2013 and Apple iOS7 adopted it and dropped skeuomorphism in favor of flat design. Companies such as Taco Bell embraced the idea and stripped 3-D designs.

Endless scrolling: The easy to execute and convenient for mobile and tablets will help endless scrolling come up on top in 2014. Scrolling make it easier to navigate a Website with speed. New designs help to organize and format information allowing the user to easily digest. Look at Yahoo News to experience endless scrolling.

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