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Is it Possible to Design on Windows?

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Even if it seems as Macs are the best computers to use to design, the truth is that you can use Windows and Linux desktops as well.

Of course, it goes without saying that Macs have gained a lot of prominence in recent times but the reason why it gets so much appreciation is because of is shiny looks, the best apps available to developers namely Coda and Hammer and in some cases, just because of fandom or since Microsoft is too easy to make fun of.

So, what does that mean?

Regardless of whether you use Linux, Windows or Mac, once you customize the environment or install some software that you need for web design.

Even if nerds make fun of Windows, it still does have a number of advantages with the option of having an automated installer for those who aren’t aware of using the command line interface.

In face, one can run a server just with a couple of clicks when using WordPress among other content management systems.

There’s only one problem with this advantage though: it stops people from exploring other systems that do not rely on the installer and prevents them from delving any deeper into the subject of, and as in this case, servers.

So, in the end, using Windows for web design and development is not bad at all since it offers ease-of-access to front-end developers and new designers       but there’s also a number of software out there that one can try out.

Yet with that said, one should keep in mind that a web developer’s best tools don’t have anything to do with the software but what’s in his head, regardless of whether you use Mac, Window or even Linux.

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