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How to Retarget Effectively

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Retargeting is all the rage these days, and for good reason. Retargeting solves the problem of showing consumers your messages more than once. It’s a technique that continues to show promise, and it’s fairly easy to get started on a new campaign. If you want to retarget your prospects through display advertising, read on for tips.

Establish Goals

The first step in effective retargeting is to establish goals you may have for the campaign before you launch. Retargeting can help almost every aspect of marketing, but focusing on one will bring the biggest benefits to you. For instance, focusing on branding gives you a cost-effective method to try and increase awareness for your store. You could also focus on sales, showing related products to customers who buy from you. Some companies will use retargeting to alert customers that a specific feature is now available, or to try and entice lost signups to come back and finish the process.

Adjust Frequency

One of the biggest challenges marketers face when retargeting is balance. The frequency of your banner advertising can either be a benefit or a turn-off for you. If you show your ads too much, users may become annoyed with your messaging and tune you out entirely. Too little and you run the risk of paying for a service that isn’t doing any good for you. Since there are no hard and fast rules about retargeting, try to apply testing to your regimen and change based on your results.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is the CEO and co-founder of engage:BDR, home to the buy-side platform First-Impression. Ted Dhanik has over fifteen years of experience in sales and direct marketing. Previously, Ted Dhanik has worked for LowerMyBills and MySpace.

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