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How to Increase ROI in Display Advertising

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This article was written by Ted Dhanik

Facebook is becoming more competitive, and will only get more expensive as time goes on. Many businesses are finding themselves at a crossroads: do they risk losing money trying to improve the ROI on Facebook, or do they ditch the network altogether for something better? Ted Dhanik of engage:BDR believes the solution may be somewhere in between, where companies devote some resources to social media, while using other networks to boost ROI in crucial demographics.

Shifting from Social

The first step is to shift your focus away from Facebook and other social media. These sources can still be viable, but the increase in costs coupled with the lackluster service make some alternative networks better decisions. Facebook is no longer the go-to destination for prime real estate, and the users may not be as reliable as once thought. Fake users and traffic that is off topic can decrease your ROI even with proper targeting applied.


Demographic targeting from Facebook has proven useful, and users do a fair job of categorizing themselves. Marketers can even differentiate by age group, or affiliations. But the extent of targeting ends there, and other banner advertising networks are starting to offer better solution that target users down to specifics like income level, size of home, or other specifics. These micro targets allow for more precise ad delivery to the target audience.

Multiple Traffic Sources

Facebook is still a viable traffic source, but if you want to increase ROI then the solution is to diversify. Other ad networks can offer a great value to you and your business, while providing a lower CPA. Using different targeting settings, with the same kinds of placements can lower costs and increase conversions.

Bio: Ted Dhanik has been involved with direct marketing and sales for over 15 years. As the CEO of engage:BDR, Ted Dhanik has helped businesses acquire more leads through direct response marketing. For tips on how to make direct response work for you, visit Ted Dhanik or engage:BDR online.

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