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Hot Color Trends

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We have been monitoring  many sources to stay ahead of the trends in color.  Based on current research, we identified the following hot colors as current trends:

  • Mardi Grape: A sophisticated melding of brown, purple, and gray.
  • Icy blue: An optimistic, airy light blue.
  • Turquoise: A classic, maritime blue-green.

Consumer Color Trends
The social and economic influences driving color trends focus on long-term endurance and neutrality.  As economic instability lingers, personal satisfaction and social optimism gain new importance in the mind of the consumer.

We desire to relax and retreat in calm, stable home environments.  We favor the simple over the complex; frugality over extravagance. We aim to create long-lasting sustainable lifestyles through organics, hybrids and clean forms of energy.  The Earth inspires us to create and adopt green products, which must now deliver a higher level of sensory appeal.

We embrace technological innovation, and again believe in its promise to serve universal needs through biodegradable materials and multifunctional, purposeful design.

More Hot Colors

To complement the three core colors listed at the top of this page, Big Design considers a supporting series of hot colors from Color Marketing Group, including:

  • Reds are strong with pink intuition; bright and clean with energy and excitement – a clean pop to go with neutrals.
  • Orange A rich, sophisticated color that moves away from earth-based colors to an optimistic orange, seasoned with a touch of gray.
  • Yellow: A greener, more natural yellow, softened with gray.
  • Green: Optimistic and uplifting, a clear and bright accent green with a slight shift toward blue.
  • Blue: A saturated blue with gray influences;  rich without being too luxe.
  • Beige-Brown: A true chameleon to complement darker hues, it can be either matte or metallic.
  • Neutral-Gray: Gray with a touch of purple, drawing inspiration from mineral, concrete and steel.

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