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Growth Hacks to Apply to Your Website

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littleartistsstudio2Just like in many other fields, there are hacks for online marketing. These are the little tricks that webmasters and website marketers use to get more followers, backlinks and increase engagement. There are a wide variety of them and some of them are as simple as contacting related twitter followers. Here are three that you could try applying to your website marketing efforts:

Email addresses from Twitter

There is an easy way to find email addresses of twitter followers. The first step is to get a list of the followers you want to contact. Use the service followerwonk to download a list of up to 50,000 followers of a user you specify. Upload that list to makesmail and it will give you the list of email addresses of those twitter followers.

Get retweets from popular Twitter users

When writing an article, look for quotes from users with lots of followers on Twitter. Include those quotes in your article and @ mention them when you tweet out your article. Done enough of times, eventually someone will retweet yours.

LinkedIn attention

Research has shown that 40% of linkedin users check out the profiles of those who have recently viewed theres. To put it in number terms, if you look at 1000 profiles on LinkedIn 400 will view yours.

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