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Google Glass to hit the market in 2014

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Google Glass is expected to hit the retail market in 2014. It is a device intended to help all parts of our daily lives. Doctors can wear it while doing surgery and beamed the entire procedure outside the surgery room for the loved ones to see. Even the doctor can consult an expert real time, located several miles away from the surgery room. Google Glass allows voice commands making it easier for anyone not just the techno savvy to use it. Main features of the Google Glass include navigation, speech-to-text transcription, video calling, and many other business and non-business applications. Many businesses expect the unit to help all aspects of their business including increased productivity. Above all the unit will help corporate surveillance efforts of their employees. That’s why many think that the Google Glass will succeed in the business arena rather than the personal use.

Google has not indicated what price it will charge for the device. However, many expect the price to be between $600 and $800. Google previously distributed approximately 10,000 units to schools or sold at $1,500 a unit. Google expect initial sales of 3 million units when it goes on sale.

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