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Essential Design Trends in 2014

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Like in almost every other fields, trends have existed in web design. Trends have often altered the way sites are designed and have improved the user experience but some trends have also been more of a fad and have quickly disappeared. The elements below might be considered as the design trends, especially for the end of 2014 period and have turned out to become the “go-to” styles when it comes to web design.

Semi-Flat Designs

Pure flat design used to be a thing. And even though flat designs can be very beautiful, they tend to look quite generic when kept at their purest form. With semi-flat designs now “en vogue” the pure flat designs look like an exaggeration. Semi-flat designs allow you to enjoy a minimalist design with a hint of realism. A simple way to incorporate semi-flat designs is to add subtle shadows to buttons.

Images As Background

You might be reluctant about this idea. Having a large image as your background might help to upsell the product. The idea is to use a background image that makes sense and that complements your product. The image should be relevant to your branding and purpose. It is not there just for aesthetic purposes. Mobile or apps websites often excel at this by showcasing their products against a background of a busy city life or a cozy coffee shop.

These are simple trends that have proven to be effective in providing both appeal and modernity to the layout of pages and their overall appearance.

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