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Creative Trends for Mobile Ads

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The world of mobile advertising is beginning to show more promise, but the market is still ripe for disruption. The birth of smartphones means newer ad sizes and formats that were previously impossible. These new trends are happening fast, so aspiring mobile marketers should take note.

Top Sizes

Larger mobile display advertising is starting to show potential for growth, if it is implemented well. Larger ads seem to reflect how users are consuming content via mobile devices. These larger ads do have a higher cost per view than the smaller formats, but the user is more engaged with the ad. The trade off can be worth it in the creative aspect as well, where larger sizes mean more space to convey ideas.

Image Formats

Rich media is increasingly becoming popular amongst banner advertising on mobile phones. These ads are often very simple animated GIF files that alternate between just a few frames. PNG is becoming another staple of mobile ads because of the small file size. This allows marketers to scale ads up for higher resolutions without suffering interminably long page load times.


Targeting on mobile is the same as desktop, but there are certain tricks to make it more effective. For example: target local. Mobile users are usually on the go, and ads should reflect the location closest to the user for maximum effectiveness. Try to tailor your landing page to better reflect location-based targeting as well.

Bio: Ted Dhanik is a mobile marketing expert with a background in display advertising. Ted Dhanik has fifteen years of experience selling ads for companies like Ted Dhanik is the president and co-founder of engage:BDR.

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