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Cheap Hearing Aids That Work as Good as Premium Brands

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Cheap Hearing Aids That Work as Good as Premium Brands

Are you looking to save money on hearing aids? Today, the average cost of hearing aids usually ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. If you’re in the market for cheaper hearing aids, there are several options that will only cost several hundred dollars. Here are a few recommendations.

HueHearing Aids

Hue Hearing aims to keep their hearing aid prices as low as possible, with single hearing aids retailing for $68, and a set of two hearing aids costing $132. lists several potent features for the company’s Hue Hearing aids, including noise reduction and tinnitus masking. Can hearing aids this cheap really work that well? You can read HueHearing Reviews online and decide for yourself.

Audicus Hearing Aids

Audicus is the Sonova Group’s foray into creating lower-priced hearing aids. The most affordable Audicus product is the Dia II, which retails for $499 per ear, but the company also sells other options that retail for $699 and $899 per ear. Just be aware that if you lose or damage these, they won’t be covered by the hearing aids’ one-year warranty.

Lexie Hearing Aids

Lexie Hearing Aids are sleek and stylish, offering options for personalized colors based on your aesthetic preferences. They also come with a smartphone app that lets you adjust your hearing aids’ settings. They cost $799 upfront, but you can also pay monthly increments of $49. However, we should note that they only come in pairs, making this option less than ideal for customers who only need one hearing aid.

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