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5 Talks That Creatives Must Watch

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5 Talks That Creatives Must Watch

There are a number of talks that are inspiring and in some ways, very informative for creatives to not miss out on.

There are a lot of topics covered be it education, branding, client relationships and even user experience.

So, here are 5 talks that creatives must watch:

#1: Design to Challenge Reality

This talk by Kelli Anderson at TedxPhoenix reveals her creativity in clever but just as disruptive designs on everyday objects that are unmistakably surprising and humorous by nature. Whether these are wedding invitations or even Utopians newspapers, her redesign helps them go beyond their usual functions.

#2: A Happy Grain of Sand

This talk by Aral Balkan gives you a peek into the life of an experienced designer while inspiring you in the process to not only create usable work but much more than just that which will enthrall and delight audiences.

#3: Do Schools Kill Creativity

Called a creativity expert, Sir Ken Robinson talks about changing the educational system in such a way that it not only encourages creativity (instead of undermining it!) in children but also acknowledges multiple intelligences too.

#4: The Myths of the Overworked Creative

Longer hours don’t necessarily mean greater productivity – in fact, it’s just the opposite. Tony Schwartz, in this talks, debunks popular productivity myths while also showing us how we can conserve our energy and put out excellent work in the process.

#5: F**k You, Pay Me

As abrasive as the title sounds, it’s a reality that most creatives face – not being paid. Mike Monteiro and lawyer discuss contracts in detail that will ensure you get paid.

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