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4 Web Design Mistakes That You Should Fix

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Is your website not generating enough leads? Are your competitors winning more customers? Then it’s time to make a few changes that will change all that.

Here are 4 design mistakes to fix:

1: Your Website Looks like a brochure

Your website isn’t a brochure. Instead, it should focus on keeping the customer’s attention while getting them to take action. Usually, the reason why customers aren’t interested is because there isn’t any compelling content that appeals to them at an emotional level. For this, remember that customers aren’t interested in your product or service but in the outcome that they have on offer.


2: Not capturing details of customers who visit your site

It’s well-known that almost 90 percent of visitors do not leave their contact information before leaving. It is for this reason that you must add opt-in forms in the right places. Here’s why: only a small percentage of people will visit your site and buy your product or service immediately. The rest will look for for more information before they decide. This could work in the form of free guides, education, reports, price lists or catalogs, checklists, coupons and limited offers.

3: No attention-grabbing headlines

It’s much like a newspaper where the headlines grab their readers’ attention. Your website should do no different. Or else they will hit the Back button and visit a competitor’s website instead. In fact, you’ve only got 3 seconds to do this. So, ensure that the headlines are customer-oriented and list the benefits of the product or service instead.

4: Less Focus on Benefits

While features of products or services are important, it’s the benefits that customers really care about. Most customers don’t care about technical specifications, attributes of the products or services but how it impact their emotional experience if they do purchase it. Will it improve their lives or solve their problems? These are the questions you can answer.

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