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4 Ways to Use Modern CSS Features On Older Browsers

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4 Ways to Use Modern CSS Features On Older Browsers

There are several CSS features that you might not be able in using in your work. This might be because your users don’t have the latest browsers.

That said, there are ways by which you can still use modern CSS features on older browsers. Here are 4 ways explained by experts:

1: Modern Mobile Browsers

Separate the mobile visitors from those using a desktop. Usually, mobiles have more capable browsers. Options include Chrome, Safari or even others that use the Blink rendering engine. So, you can use more modern CSS features to serve media queries for these browsers. For others, you can look at other things too.

2: CSS Shapes

This specification offers the ability to curve text around shapes. In particular, you would use the shape-outside property. Several browsers support this feature. Chrome, Opera and the -webkit prefix in Safari. You will have to apply CSS Shapes to floats as not all browsers will offer this support. Of course, these users will get a squared off floated image as usual.

3: Multiple Column Layout

The Multiple Column Layout specification has good support in browsers. But browsers such as IE9 and below this version have no support. So, don’t use it for big design but small elements instead. This can turn out to be a progressive enhancement for newer browsers.

For example, you can use this specification to clean up a list of checkboxes. This groups them into columns. It won’t matter if they’re used in an older browser. This is because the form will still be usable.

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