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3 Website Design Failures That Affect Your Bounce Rate Negatively

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The success of your website depends largely on how strangers respond to your website.

Unfortunately, if they leave quickly then there’s something really wrong with your site. In other words, your website has a high bounce rate.

So, what does this term mean?

It’s the rate at which visitors leave your site after viewing one page.So, if you have a poor bounce rate this indicates that visitors have very little reason to stay on your site.

Here are 3 website design failures that can cause your bounce rate to increase:

1: Website Header is Hideous

First impressions definitely matter. Probably the first thing that most visitors see is the header. Being ugly won’t help at all. Some of the reasons why it can be ugly might be because of using random non-stock images, ugly fonts & colors, multiple animations and moving objects and too many links.

littleartisstudio12: Use of Illegible Fonts

Even if your website has amazing structure, clear content and beautiful design, illegible fonts can cause your visitors to struggle. But they won’t because they’ve decided to leave. Just be careful when you are going below a size of 16 pixels. Don’t hesitate to use font sizes above 20 pixels if you have less text either.

3: Vague call-to-action

There are a number of reasons why you’d add a call-to-action. Maybe, you want your visitor to sign up for a newsletter, buy your product or contact you for a service. Being vague will not help this at all. Make sure you show them the way. In other words, as clear as the yellow brick road.

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