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3 Ways To Thrive As An In-House Designer

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For a while now, a lot has been written on the disappearing business of design. Simply put, it talks about in-house creative teams not being able to innovate in a corporate environment.

While some companies do offer environments to aid in this, there are a number of others that don’t. So, as a result, in-house designers tend lose inspiration as they work for longer periods of time at one of these corporations.

Here are 3 tips that will help you avoid that and thrive in these environments:

littleartiststudio11: Don’t Stop Learning

Just like any craftsman, a designer is only as good as his tools. Not only should you review them but also look at what’s new too. One way to do this is to turn boring tasks or repetitive tasks into opportunities to learn a new skill or programme.

2: Share your process

If you are part of a small design team, then it’s time to involve other departments of your company in the process. You can use visuals for this as people are drawn to it.

You never know what insights you can gain from people in other departments about the process itself.

3: Expose yourself to a number of situations

It’s vital that you immerse yourself in a number of situations. This could be doing a number of things namely reading fiction, visiting galleries or even joining a print workshop. Yes, do what it takes to obtain new ideas or else you will be left with old ones that will need to recycled time and time again.

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